100 Quilt Blocks in 50 Days

A Story in Every Stitch a tale with
Fabric fit for a queen
Royal templates 
(The page from a book I wrote)
Download the Pattern PDF from Janome

The Secret Behind Anita's Hexagons

September 2015

C&T Publishing  encouraged its authors to mark this National Sewing Month and I got on board. My contribution is a very special Hexagon pattern that's been, unbelievably, under wraps for ten years.
How to Make the Best Use of Fabric
Use my line drawing to turn a 10" square of fabric into 7 hexagons (and 4 half-hexagons) in 10 cuts. Without waste.

It's typical of patterns in my Rotary Cutting Revolution book. Efficient cutting without waste or measuring.
I got together with Rachel Low here in New York at her Pins & Needles shop. Rachel is the C&T author of  Girl's Guide to DIY Fashion   We helped each other to make our how to videos. Have a look at mine, and if you hear a phone ring once, well, rings happen.
These fabric hexagons are suited for English Paper Piecing EPP. After making the video I polished up the pattern and made it available as this free PDF download
My technique-filled class Traditional Blocks Made Simple is on Craftsy. It includes as a bonus the PDF of Rotary Cutting Revolution. Identical to the paperback version complete with 300+ photos and easy to print patterns. All in all, a sweet deal to celebrate National Sewing Month for yourself.

Make it Simpler,
It all began many hexagons ago...

Enjoy The Process: Anita's Square-On-Point Quilt Block

This method and downloadable pattern is a bonus block in my Craftsy class

September 9, 2015
Summer Triangle Reruns Part 1

You say Tomato, I say Tomato
Some say Square in a Square, I've always called it Square-on-Point

Whatever you call it, I cut and piece it Simpler.  There is no waste other than eight teeny tiny triangles.
Two squares of fabric yield the equivalent of two quilt blocks + eight teeny tiny leftover triangles. For 40 blocks, you'd need 40 squares of fabric. For 100 blocks, you'd need 100 squares of fabric.
The complete and well-illustrated (over 31 photos) block pattern is available in my book Rotary Cutting Revolution The eBook on my publisher's website is preferable to the out-of-print paperback. Better to accurately print its CuttingLines patterns than scanning them.  
Make it Simpler,

Summer Stitches

July 26, 2015

This summer I settled into writing, piecing and designing. My seventh Fiber of My Being column has already posted. These posts for Craftsy appear semimonthly; you can subscribe here
In  the Sweet Summertime Dreams column I mentioned my intention to remain in New York this summer. I'm thrilled everyday that the plan worked out.

I became better acquainted with newest machine "Elna Dunham" and progressed on an upcoming Elna group project "100 blocks in 50 days."
Years ago I broke a needle late at night which taught me to always have an extra package of needles on hand.  Can you see what I did wrong last week? Jeepers Anita!
 Make it Simpler,

Anita's Make It Simpler® Monkey Wrench Block Pattern (aka Churn Dash)

Why am I smiling at the International Quilt Market? Because I went from petting an Elna Lotus sewing machine to becoming an Elna Boutique Designer in under 30 seconds.  Which means I've got something to make you smile too.
The complete pattern AND directions 
It's a no-measure, no-trim, no-waste solution

December 2020 The Monkey Wrench is included my 
I delight in making traditional blocks simpler and this Monkey Wrench is a chip off the old block. Here's a video glimpse 
Stack, sew on lines, cut, and sew.
It's how I made this butterfly version
You may know the pattern as "Churn Dash"
Why don't you try a Monkey Wrench and then think about the steps you didn't have to take? Start with: Gee, I didn't have to trim a triangle (HST)!
Stay tuned,  I'll be launching five additional CuttingLinespatterns to teach in my classes. Comments
I named her "Elna Dunham"

Make it Simpler,

Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks Volume 11

May 5, 2015
Quiltmaker and the Zegart Block

Terri Zegart is the daughter of Shelly "Why Quilts Matter" Zegart. In mid-September 2001,  I wanted to make blocks like those on the cover of the book jacket.  I was smitten by the diamond stars which formed in the center of every four blocks.

I figured out the construction after line drawing the block in Electric Quilt. I went on to  paper piece six inch blocks each entirely on one uncut sheet of vellum paper. Not four four pieces of paper but one piece that folded but was never cut apart
Neither Terri nor Shelly could identify a name for the block. The cover quilt came from a prop house. I love this block.  I would have married it if i wasn't already married. It was published in 2003 in my first paper piecing book and changed the course of my professional life

For Volume 11 the block, below, is presented at 12 inches and is not paper pieced.
The fabrics are  Liberty of London prints

There is a giveaway. Do tell, for a chance to win, what is your favorite, love of your life, quilt block and where do you live?

Comment  below ***  by Saturday,  May 9th at Noon eastern time for a chance to win a copy of Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Vol 9 directly from Quiltmaker Magazine.  You'll also win a digital foundation for the six inch Zegart block from me.   Good luck to you

Make it Simpler,
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The Fiber of My Being

The Fiber of My Being
May 4, 2015
I've always intended the posts on this blog to be a quiltmaking resource and less about me. Well last month I undertook writing a personal column for Craftsy, The Fiber of My Being with Anita Grossman Solomon
Craftsy asked for the emotional and humorous aspects of being a maker and I'm happy to oblige.

I won't tell you the age of my Yo-Yo doll above but we've been together since my childhood. You can learn more in the column.

As for resources, this week I'm ensconced in my sewing room. I'm always envious when teaching that everyone in a workshop  except for me is sewing. When I get home my desk captures me and it's days to weeks before I can sew for myself

The best of both worlds is that I'm now adding  finishing touches to a series of new "Make It Simpler" patterns. Just you wait and see the construction shortcuts I have in store for you
And then there was Wishek, ND last week. You probably never heard of it. I hope to never forget the Homespun Friends I met.

  Make it Simpler,

Be My Valentine

February 6, 2015
What's Red and White and Square All Over?

It's in the International Quilt Study Center & Museum collection. Quilts of Concentric Squares have long fascinated me. The one above is currently the featured IQSC&M  Quilt of the Month. The monthly quilt and archive may be viewed here

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With one stripe fabric per quilt, and no leftovers,  I can make a reversible Xcentric quilts. Front and back together, only a total of four seams
 Kaelin made her own reversible quilt (upper right)
Make it Simpler,