Tip of the Rotary Iceberg

Made in the shade, with only 2 rotary cuts
There are 26 Tip Boxes in Rotary Cutting Revolution.

This tip from the book leaves many quilters momentarily speechless in workshops. 

To quickly and accurately cut a large square of fabric using a small square ruler:

1. Fold an oversive square of fabric into fourths

2. Cut off raw edges to create a fabric square 1/2 the desired size.

3. Unfold square. Voila, it's the desired size. Gasp.

Pictured: A torn oversize square of fabric approximately 18" was folded into fourths. Now about 9" square it will be trimmed to 8 1/2" square by cutting off  the raw edges (top and right)  Unfolded, it will be 17" square.

Be there and be square with less space, Make It Simpler.

Smartphone, Smart Girl, Smart Block

Diagonally speaking Arrowhead Piece Talks
Laura Yellen Catlan with her Arrowhead Piece Talks at the 2010 Long Island Quilters' Society Show, March 2010, in Garden City, NY. I'm particularly fond of blocks with strong diagonals. They enliven this quilt almost as much as Laura's juxtaposition of playful fabrics. She probably used over 150 different fabrics. Nice juggling.
A 'Laura' block
Assorted Arrowhead fabric kits sold by Quiltmaker here

The Pineapple is an old Favorite -Eveline Foland, 1931

Timeless and Original
Five Pineapple peeks on the May 2010 publication of my "Rotary Cutting Revolution
77" square  Windmill Blades blowing in the wind   Photo courtesy The Quilt Complex
74" square
70" square
I made them 21st century Simpler with my CuttingLines™ pattern
Workshop information

March Madness

Boxes. Goodbye and Hello
March 12, 2009 Quilts headed to Mother C&T, Concord, California

Two weeks later photography samples being boxed up

March 2010, one year later, samples back home.
Within a month, the best boxes in the world should arrive at my doorstep from C&T Publishing. I'm expecting my third book, "Rotary Cutting Revolution: New One-Step Cutting, 8 Quilt Blocks, The Make It Simpler Way®" It's a juicy book brimming with photographs. Very, very juicy.