Eye Candy

Thursday, July 18, 2012

How could you not spot a quilt or fabric designed by Jane Sassaman? It has a distinctive look, sometimes punctuated with black. It's unique and masterfully drawn by her, the designs beautiful and handsome at the same time. I remember seeing her genius first line at the FreeSpirit showroom in New York;  I did not come home empty handed.

Using fabric to its potential is another story. Or it used to be. Because Jane has written a new book, the masterwork: Patchwork Sassaman Style. It's a cultivated garden of quilt design ideas. She clearly demonstrates how one might take advantage of her signature fabric, or other fabric, in your work. Jane guides you all the way. If you are new to quilting, Jane will astonish you with her lavish illustrations and brilliant ideas. If you are into Hexies I bet you've never come across a Grandmother's Flower Garden, Sassaman-style.  If you aren't a quilting virgin, you'll grin upon seeing what quilt books used to be like.

As we say in New York, "Either you have it or you don't." Jane has it. Big time.

I was smitten by her book a few weeks ago and have been picking it up daily and marveling at her insights. I wouldn't be surprised if I came across it in a Metropolitan Museum of Art bookshop. It's that special.

The book's publisher will send a copy to one reader with a U.S. address who posts a comment here before noon, FRIDAY July 20th, New York time. COMMENTS are now 'CLOSED'. Thank you for your participation. -Anita

[I am typing this post on a smartphone, hence no images. My home DSL Internet service went down before my eyes just after midnight last night. I blame it on the construction of the new Second Avenue subway. I've been eighteen hours without service. Sigh.  How ironic to be writing about glorious large scale prints on a tiny screen.]  [New York - July 18, 8:54 p.m. Yay, I have internet service again! J ]

Here's to you Jane. Congratulations.