Fabric Love

It's true. I do  ...starch fabric.
Muggy summer days have passed. I've resumed ironing and starching fabric. I press blocks but iron fabric, usually with National Public Radio's "Weekend Edition" as background.
I begin by sewing like-size colors and yardage into continuous loops. No loose ends means nothing to tangle. Ahhh.  The loop above was photographed just out of the dryer.  I detail it  in the "Ask Anita" chapter of  Rotary Cutting Revolution excerpted here

Boulder Big Time

Objects of my affection
I shipped my quilts to Boulder and reunited with them and my former editor Darra Williamson on the set of  The Quilt Show 
 Photos by Gregory Case Photography
Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims explored techniques from my third book Rotary Cutting Revolution Alex demonstrated my Pineapple CuttingLines Pattern. Stay tuned to see what held our attention when this photograph was taken.