Electric Quilt Block of the Month

EQ January Jumble
Andrea Bishop of the Electric Quilt Company announced the irresistible EQ 2011 block of the month program. She  provides PDFs each month for rotary cutting, templates and foundation patterns in various colorings and EQ7 project files. You can make the blocks without EQ7. I made two blocks.
EQ February Frolic
That I am fond of paper piecing is an understatement. So I pieced them my Make It Simpler® way: each on a single sheet of Simple Foundations vellum. Because, if you don't cut a foundation apart, you never have to put the pieces back together. 
Five steps to February Frolic
The February block is a nine patch. I scored the vellum foundation that I printed into nine subunits before sewing. The construction was similar to the Nine-Patch Variation that I demonstrated here in 2003. The demo is viewable only on computers based in the US.
Above is the back of my six inch block, before I sewed the remaining four seams, my "Tic Tac Toe" seams. Here's March
EQ March Medley
Alexander Henry Imperial Kiku
was used for trapezoids
and above are my EQ BOMs for May, June and July 2011