On the Bus and On Point, Part I

Multitasking in Manhattan includes window shopping from the bus
I was seated  across from the back door on the 57th Street bus a week ago headed to my guild meeting. When the door opened at the Fifth Avenue stop I looked up from my reading to see the display window below. My Weekly Reader these days is a smartphone with a camera. [click to zoom in on the images]
I immediately thought of the captivating "Leaves" summer spread (circa 1850) pictured in the inaugural edition (1983) of The Quilt Digest. I wonder if the window dresser was influenced by such a quilt. Now I see Roderick Kiracofe, who published the Digest with the late Michael Kile, autographed my copy in October 1994. If only I could remember the occasion.

The Old Italian Block: Then and now

All in the same New York week: At Ming's baby shower
and at the "Infinite Variety" exhibition
(top center)
The Old Italian Block is a classic signature block, one of my favorites, whether multicolored or in the ubiquitous Red and White.  Tomorrow my friend Ming begins her westward migration to Portland with personalized blocks as women on the Oregon trail did over one hundred and fifty years ago.

The Old Italian Block is the cover quilt of Rotary Cutting Revolution
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