Store-bought Stripes

May 17, 2013
I am crazy for concentric stripe quilts and always wanted to make a quilt similar to this red one:
When Faye Burgos designed Strip-IT  yardage in black and white for Marcus Fabrics I immediately made a two-sided quilt  from it in 2009. The entire quilt (front and back) took me 5 seams (yes, FIVE) and 9 yards of fabrics. It's a simple techniques which I included in my book, Rotary Cutting Revolution
My reversible Xcentric quilt:
The black and white Strip-It  I used is no longer available but these two pastels, suited for baby quilts can be had:
These are pre-printed lengthwise stripes, (parallel to the selvege)  which measure approximately 2½" wide. These brights "Dots Right!" will be available next month:

I checked into this because when I presented my work to the Pieces and Patches Guild earlier this week, quilters asked if Strip-It fabric was still available. It is An online search for Strip-It will turn up assorted yardage too. This Marcus fabrics video shows other ways to take advantage of  Strip-It
Make It Simpler

The Hundred

May 3, 2013
Fabric Cuts
Giveaway Winners Announced Below

I cut  patches from one square of fabric and used wide sashing. These blocks were meant to float. The quilt is pictured in the magazine and  will be on view this summer at Quiltmaker
I cut into this bright Liberty floral.  After all, what am I saving it for?
I'd like to give a 14" square of this fabric with someone who'd like to piece the Quadrangle block
Giveaway #1
Please comment below by 12:01 AM , Monday, May 6th, New York time, telling me where you live and what you're sewing these days. A winner will be randomly selected. I'll send the fabric square to you while Quiltmaker will send volume 7 to you.

I learned this morning that today is George Clooney's 52nd birthday so Celeste of Wausaukee who posted the 52nd comment  is awarded  Giveaway #1. Celeste please get in touch with me  by Wednesday at noon with your address otherwise this giveaway must go to the runner up, Margaret, of Arkansas, who made the 53rd comment. I'm thinking +1 for the extra birthday candle. I've enjoyed the comments and hope you have as well. Thank you for sharing yourselves.
Giveaway #2
I create my favorite blocks from squares (only) of fabric.  If  I make two blocks, I need two squares of fabric. 100 blocks calls for 100 squares of fabric. I teach this method and so much more in my online Craftsy class. Traditional Blocks Made Simple. One extended lesson is Anita's Arrowhead, previously patterned in Quiltmaker  Included in the class is my Rotary Cutting Revolution eBook, a $14.99 value in itself.
Craftsy is providing my class and eBook as a giveaway to celebrate the 100 Blocks Blog Tour.  They're in Colorado. Quiltmaker is in Colorado. Both too cool for words.

Billie in Austin won the Craftsy class with the included eBook. I'd be remiss if I didn't direct you to another site to win my Craftsy class.  C&T Publishing's blog has that and more in a giveaway to be awarded on May 9th.  I'm off  to Michigan later this week to teach, after the winners have been chosen. And I'm working on a new-to-me tessellated block made from... squares of fabric.

Good Luck to you,
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