...with a little help from my friends

Two months ago I taught the Two-Color Pineapple block at The City Quilter shop here in Manhattan. A new-to-me student in the workshop, Nicole, blogged about the class. I like her perspective on quiltmaking.

One of her images was of my trimmed and untrimmed pineapple blocks-in-progress.  They were made to illustrate every step in the book. For a book, each stage is created individually, unlike a blog where one can continuously photograph one block in progress.
Now, thanks to an idea  from my girlfriend Jan Krentz and a hand from Kristin, above, all of the step-outs are fused to interfacing. It will be simpler to install the step-outs, starting next week, in my class at the Long Beach Quilt Festival.

Jan and I met in the summer of 2002. She drove me over to C&T Publishing in an SUV. Big car for a big time. 
 These days, several books and hundreds of workshops later,  we meet at dawn on Skype or wherever the subway may take us for memorable times