Anita's Super-Sized Nine Patch Quilt

March 15, 2014

I'm featuring the video tutorial and pattern for my Super-Sized Nine Patch Quilt in honor of Worldwide Quilting Day. The video can only be viewed on computers located in U.S
After seeing Alex Anderson in the video, head over to see more of her, and Ricky Tims in The Quilt Show. Quilters often tell me that they loved and miss Alex's show. Oh my goodness, they have been missing out on her. The Quilt Show's 169 shows are available this weekend at no charge. My work is featured in episode #905
I've been teaching quiltmaking for 20 years. I'm always teaching online at Craftsy; in a few weeks I'll be teaching on the first of four upcoming quilt cruises. It will transit the Panama Canal.

A former teacher and my brothers figure in my blogging.

Back in the day, in my biology class, Mr. Roycroft graded our essays by counting intelligent statements. An essay required a minimum of 3 paragraphs. A paragraph required a minimum of three sentences. Sentences were counted only if they were intelligent statements. No filler was allowed.

In the margin top of  my essay a cryptic grade was penned in red ballpoint. The best grade was  vgwog which meant 'very good work old girl.'   A boy might receive vgowob.  I was 14 years old, Simon and Garfunkel had released "Mrs. Robinson" and the best AP grade I ever received was in biology.

I have two younger brothers. Growing up I briefly kept a diary.  I kept it locked. I was naive. Of course my brothers picked the lock. They were also adept in opening a locked bathroom door.

I don't blog about anything that I want to keep from my brothers and I won't take up your time with filler.  I'd rather be in my sewing room than at my computer, wouldn't you?

Enjoy this Worldwide Quilting Day,