Tip of the Rotary Iceberg

Made in the shade, with only 2 rotary cuts
There are 26 Tip Boxes in Rotary Cutting Revolution.

This tip from the book leaves many quilters momentarily speechless in workshops. 

To quickly and accurately cut a large square of fabric using a small square ruler:

1. Fold an oversive square of fabric into fourths

2. Cut off raw edges to create a fabric square 1/2 the desired size.

3. Unfold square. Voila, it's the desired size. Gasp.

Pictured: A torn oversize square of fabric approximately 18" was folded into fourths. Now about 9" square it will be trimmed to 8 1/2" square by cutting off  the raw edges (top and right)  Unfolded, it will be 17" square.

Be there and be square with less space, Make It Simpler.


The LadyBugs Garden said...

I love all your tips. This is a great boo!