Enjoy The Process: Anita's Square-On-Point Quilt Block

This method and downloadable pattern is a bonus block in my Craftsy class

September 9, 2015
Summer Triangle Reruns Part 1

You say Tomato, I say Tomato
Some say Square in a Square, I've always called it Square-on-Point

Whatever you call it, I cut and piece it Simpler.  There is no waste other than eight teeny tiny triangles.
Two squares of fabric yield the equivalent of two quilt blocks + eight teeny tiny leftover triangles. For 40 blocks, you'd need 40 squares of fabric. For 100 blocks, you'd need 100 squares of fabric.
The complete and well-illustrated (over 31 photos) block pattern is available in my book Rotary Cutting Revolution The eBook on my publisher's website is preferable to the out-of-print paperback. Better to accurately print its CuttingLines patterns than scanning them.  
Make it Simpler,


Debbie said...

This is flipping brilliant.

Anita Grossman Solomon said...

flipping Thank You. Go forth and cut :-)