Reversible Hexies

April 22, 2013
The Vice Versa Quilt
Once upon a time, in my charmed life, our quilt group at Riverbank State Park undertook one-patches at my behest. Diamonds, tumblers, triangles, squares; you name it.  By hand, by machine, English paper pieced, foundation pieced, whatever method suited each quilter.

I endeavored to make this manageable for all skill levels. It's one thing to sew hundreds of one-patches together but another to complete a quilt with angular edges.  My thought was to make self-contained diamond one-patches. There'd be a front and a back sewn together and batting enclosed.  Each unit would be individually quilted and joined to others.  I envisioned a sort of quilt-as-you go charm quilt.

I clearly remember the disappointing experimental diamond units I made. They were awful  misshapen little pieces with nary a sharp corner. I stared at them on the counter top completely bummed out until I saw three sad units formed a hexagon. OMG. Rather than continue to pre-quilt individual 60 degree diamonds I sewed hexagons from three diamonds and then pre-quilted that hexagonal unit. From there I went on to make a reversible quilt, my Vice Versa quilt.

Today I opened my project box of spare parts which I'd socked away in 2002
The quilt has been stored with another fragile quilt on top of a dresser 

My telling of this quilt will be continued, but I can tell you now it will end with Peg's table runner in the May/June 2013 issue of Quiltmaker Magazine