Empty Spooling

November 24, 2012

A quilt instructor's holiday is when her job seems like a serene vacation. That's what my week at Empty Spools was like for me. Today I'm home in midtown Manhattan thinking about the week my so called work had my toes touching the Pacific. At Asilomar!
If these pictures look like 'camp' to you you're right. The Asilomar Conference Center had its start in 1912. It began as a YWCA facility designed by architect Julia Morgan in the Arts and Crafts style. The twelve structures of hers remaining at Asilomar are a National Historic Landmark and on the National Register of Historic Places. It's an extraordinary venue for Quiltmakers.

The sight of any quilt made at Empty Spools will always evoke memories of the stillness under the Asilomar pines and the exhilarating sounds of the waves breaking on the coast.
by Cheryl Malkowski
Friendships and Quilts, above and below are made 
by Celine Perkins
Anita's Quilt
When I last taught my Scrappy Pineapple techniques and quilt at Empty Spools the participants were either girlfriends, mother and daughter or sisters. The experience was wonderful for all of us. I teach this class only at seminars and retreats. Because its more than just a quilt.
If you've been to Empty Spools, please share your experience by commenting to this post. My girlfriends tried to tell me Asilomar was magical but I never imagined how remarkable my experience was to be.


Samantha said...

Love Pineapple quilts! These are all gorgeous!

Allison said...

I took Anita's class at Asilomar, it was magical! I had a wonderful time, she was a fantastic teacher, and I would recommended it to everyone!

MissesStitches said...

I haven't taken Anita's class, but I've been to Asilomar four times (and blogged about it). I can't wait for next year when I will be going to Asilomar with my sister! It is truly a wonderful setting for quilting. So inspiring.

Denise Oyama Miller said...

I've been to Asilomar many times and have loved every single minute. You will enjoy it more than you can imagine. I will be there this year as a featured artist in May and have heard that it is even more exciting when you get to share with everyone all week long. It's great in the sun, rain, and wind. Nothing beats being by the ocean and getting to work with fabric making beautiful things. - Denise