My No-Waste Windmill

Bordering on track
Big Love  36" square 2010
I love, love, loved using my own cutting technique for this baby quilt. Look at the border. The orientation of the directional fabric was maintained. Nancy Wolff's pooches are upright.

I did not use a specialized ruler. There was no waste in cutting the fabric. No measuring. No Swiss cheese holes in the remaining yardage. My only efforts were pure pleasure: choosing stash fabrics to amuse my great-nephew.

By the way, this Windmill quilt is easier to construct than an ordinary four-patch. Believe it or not, its 36 blocks are square; the corners needn't match up. Happy girl.

But woe is me, I didn't catch a photography error on page 60. The correction is here


Candace said...

I love this quilt and am curious about the methods. Do you sell the pattern? It's a happy quilt.

Anita Grossman Solomon said...

Dear Candace- It will be available next month in "Rotary Cutting Revolution"