My One and Only Two-Color Pineapple

Economy in a new setting
I make bed quilts. I make them my way. In 2004 I figured out how to cut two squares of fabric into 64 trapezoids and triangles to make a pair of ordinary Pineapple blocks.  I do this without measuring. I do it without wasting any fabric. And I do it with only 14 rotary cuts.
Discarded metal kitchen cabinets were mine for the taking. I hauled them onto a dolly which I pushed up the street to my apartment. My building superintendent installed them in my sewing room. Because they are metal, I use magnets to attach quilt blocks to the cabinets' surfaces. It's a New York City design wall where every  space is used to its advantage.


Edna said...

Love this quilt! Is your technique going to be published somewhere?? Would love to learn that.

Ms Made Simpler said...

Dear Edna,
I went to bed stumped as to how to enable blog comments. This morning, like magic, I woke up to your comment. Thank you.

Pineapples are 1 of 8 blocks in "Rotary Cutting Revolution" from C&T Publishing, April 2010.

Michele said...

How exciting to see your blog! Looking forward to future posts.

bettyp said...

I love Pinapple Blocks .I would love to learn it your way .
So where can this be found???

Ms Made Simpler said...

Dear Betty,

Pineapples are 1 of 8 blocks in my new book "Rotary Cutting Revolution" from C&T Publishing, April 2010.

I will be teaching the quilt on Saturday March 13th to the Garden State Quilters (NJ) and in June 2010 at Quilting by the Lake (NY)

bettyp said...

Thanks,I found it online and bookmarked it for when its out !! Good luck o you and your mew book!!