The Fiber of My Being

The Fiber of My Being
May 4, 2015
I've always intended the posts on this blog to be a quiltmaking resource and less about me. Well last month I undertook writing a personal column for Craftsy, The Fiber of My Being with Anita Grossman Solomon
Craftsy asked for the emotional and humorous aspects of being a maker and I'm happy to oblige.

I won't tell you the age of my Yo-Yo doll above but we've been together since my childhood. You can learn more in the column.

As for resources, this week I'm ensconced in my sewing room. I'm always envious when teaching that everyone in a workshop  except for me is sewing. When I get home my desk captures me and it's days to weeks before I can sew for myself

The best of both worlds is that I'm now adding  finishing touches to a series of new "Make It Simpler" patterns. Just you wait and see the construction shortcuts I have in store for you
And then there was Wishek, ND last week. You probably never heard of it. I hope to never forget the Homespun Friends I met.

  Make it Simpler,


O'Quilts said...

I love the doll. I have one too:) But...I got mine from a vendor selling antiques...for $3...guess she was not with it...I have it pinned up on my wall...I think mine may be newer than yours...anyway we both love them..that is all we need.