What the T? A BrainTeaser

If you are familiar with my work, this new technique shouldn't come as a surprise 
If you are familiar with traditional T blocks, you'll wonder what happened to 
these 12 triangles:
This is my Tessellating T block:
I placed 2 fabric squares right sides together and sewed 2 seams.
I made three cuts and rearranged the 6 pieces like this.

I made more units, switching out background fabrics to go scrappy 

You must read what my friend Tina did. This wasn't at all a Tease for her. She  has a lot of QT (Quilt Talent) and offers a very intelligent blog 
This autumn I'll be teaching a four-color "T for Texas" workshop at the International Quilt Festival's 40th anniversary show

Remember, if you want to make this quilt, or block, Quiltmaker will show you how. 

Two blocks can be made from a total of two squares of fabric, 
3 edge-to-edge rotary cuts,
 and 6 edge-to-edge seams.
Two squares of fabric = two blocks without any waste.  Make this tessellated quilt...Simpler